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My agency saw the incredible power of influencers to connect brands and charities with audiences, and thought: “Is it possible to create effective marketing and make the world a better place at the same time?”

GiveFTW was created

  • Pairing brands with charities that align with their mission & vision

  • Creating fun activities that educate and engage

  • Encouraging influencers and their communities to participate through gamification

  • Donating to charity without asking their audiences to give their own money

GiveFTW Season 1 Engagement Infographic

Final Thoughts

As a gamer and a techie, it was rewarding to be able to contribute my enthusiast experience into a campaign centered around gaming and goodwill! 
With the collaboration of this common goal and recognizing the strength of each of our team's talents—we achieved a successful 10-day campaign: season 1 of the GiveFTW platform.

Creative Director
Project Director
Art Director / Design
Motion Graphics
Media / Content Director
Associate Content Director
Web / Technical Director

Marcelo Naujock
Matt McConnell
Alysa Phan
Edson Ku
Jeanie Carlson
Peter Lytle
Matt Lindell

Campaign Art Direction | Asset Creation | Website Design |  Web/Social Marketing | Video Storyboards | Presentations

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